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Pete Buttigieg releases timeline of work at McKinsey

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Although he said he wouldn't reveal his clients unless the company released him from the NDA.


Small peptide-mediated self-recognition prevents cannibalism in predatory nematodes

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Self-recognition is observed abundantly throughout the natural world, regulating diverse biological processes. Although ubiquitous, often little is known of the associated molecular machinery, and so far, organismal self-recognition has never been described in nematodes. We investigated the predatory nematode Pristionchus pacificus and, through interactions with its prey, revealed a self-recognition mechanism acting on the nematode surface, capable of distinguishing self-progeny from closely related strains. We identified the small peptide SELF-1, which is composed of an invariant domain and a hypervariable C terminus, as a key component of self-recognition. Modifications to the hypervariable region, including single-amino acid substitutions, are sufficient to eliminate self-recognition. Thus, the P. pacificus self-recognition system enables this nematode to avoid cannibalism while promoting the killing of competing nematodes.


Australian woman rescues badly burnt koala from bushfire

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A koala in the Australian state of New South Wales was heading for disaster when a brave woman spotted him and plucked him a blazing bushfire. Lewis, as the marsupial has now been called, has suffered severe burns to his feet, chest and stomach. Although he might never be released back to the wild, he’s eating lots of eucalyptus and is believed to be recovering well.

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Brain biomarker predicts compulsive drinking

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Although alcohol use is ubiquitous in modern society, only a portion of individuals develop alcohol use disorders or addiction. Yet, scientists have not understood why some individuals are prone to develop drinking problems, while others are not. Now, researchers have discovered a brain circuit that controls alcohol drinking behavior in mice, and can be used as a biomarker for predicting the development of compulsive drinking later on.

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Astronomers discover most energetic gamma-ray burst ever

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Gamma-ray bursts are the most energetic phenomenon known to humankind. Although short-lived, they outshine stars and even galactic quasars. They usually display energies in the region of tens of giga-electron-volts, but for the first time, researchers discovered a gamma-ray burst in the region of a tera-electron-volt. This level of energy has long been theorized, and this study demonstrates these energies might actually be more common than once thought.

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Report finds the Taliban were deadlier than ISIS in 2018

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(CNN)Attacks by the Taliban were deadlier than those committed by any other group in 2018, according to a report released by an international think tank on Wednesday. The 2019 Global Terrorism Index found that the militant group took significantly more lives than ISIS did last year. Although the overall number of deaths by terrorism declined in 2018, according to the report, 71 countries recorded at least one death by terrorism. Afghanistan was most affected, with more than 7,000 deaths. The index also identified a sharp rise in far-right terrorism globally, particularly in Europe and North America. The report was produced by the...

The city of spas where A-listers go to relax

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Although Budapest's stunning architecture and unique tourist attractions are world renowned, many travelers flock here to sample therapeutic waters from the 118 natural thermal springs that flow through the "City of Spas."

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