Monday, 13 July 2020
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How Biden Is Winning an Identity Politics Election So Far

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After President Trump won the 2016 election, there was a big debate over the role "identity politics" played in his victory. Some scholars argued that many white voters without a college degree - a group that proved pivotal in that election - jumped from supporting then-President Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016 largely because they liked Trump's framing of identity issues, such as immigration, more than Hillary Clinton's.

The More We Learn, the Worse Flynn's Prosecution Seems

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Notes written by former FBI agent Peter Strzok appear to implicate Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the Michael Flynn investigation.

A 'Divisive' Speech? Only If You Don't Believe in America

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It was a late Friday evening and then-candidate Barack Obama was fatigued following a full day of campaigning. It was May 30, 2008, and Obama was in South Dakota visiting Mount Rushmore, a monument dedicated to four presidential giants of America's past.

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America Disrupted: US on edge as election nears

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America Disrupted: It is in places like Saginaw County, Michigan -- which narrowly flipped from voting for Barack Obama to voting for Donald Trump -- where clarity about a divided America's future is likely to come. (July 7)


Jeff Sessions appears to refer to Black Harvard scholar as "some criminal"

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In an interview, Sessions criticized former President Barack Obama for having "a beer at the White House with some criminal."


How Arizona Became a Swing State

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For years, Arizona was to Democrats what Lucy's football was to Charlie Brown. Despite candidates from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton investing in the state, no Democratic presidential candidate has carried it since Bill Clinton in 1996. In fact, no Democrat won a statewide election in Arizona on any level after 2008 until 2018, despite numerous close calls.

Trump's Unhinged 'Treason' Accusation Against Obama

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John Avlon writes that when Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of treason it was the first time an American President had made such a charge against a predecessor. But while Trump and his team use the word promiscuously, it's clear they seem to fundamentally misunderstand its meaning.

Trump's unhinged 'treason' accusation against Obama

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"Treason." That's what President Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of committing in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network Monday night.

'Shambolic,' 'mean spirited': Obama, in first 2020 event with Biden, rips Trump

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Former President Barack Obama made the comments at an online grassroots fundraiser for the Biden campaign — their first campaign event together of the 2020 cycle.

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