Thursday, 12 December 2019
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Justice Department Inspector General finds FBI's Trump-Russia probe was justified, despite serious faults

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The Justice Department's internal watchdog has released a highly anticipated report about the basis for the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joins CBSN to discuss the main takeaways.


What Iowa voters think of impeachment

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Impeachment is dominating the news cycle in Washington, but it appears to be a lower priority for some voters on the campaign trail. CBSN political reporter Catilin Huey-Burns, Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright, and Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez spoke to CBSN's Elaine Quijano on "Red & Blue" about how voters are viewing impeachment.


Inspector General report on Russia probe clears FBI of bias, but uncovers flaws

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The Justice Department's internal watchdog released a highly anticipated report about surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016. It found no evidence of political bias, but it did uncover some serious flaws. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge and CBSN legal contributor and former Assistant District Attorney for New York County Rebecca Roiphe join CBSN's "Red & Blue" to discuss the report's findings.


CBSN Originals presents "Speaking Frankly: Title IX"

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Obama-era rules set tough new standards for how schools should handle cases of sexual misconduct on campus under Title IX. But some alleged victims say the investigations made matters worse, while many of the accused claim they're being denied due process. Now, the Trump administration has offered a new set of guidelines. Will that fix the problems?

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CBSN Originals presents "Speaking Frankly: Porn"

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With smartphones and wireless internet, gaining access to pornography has never been easier for young people. But experts say early exposure to porn can "rewire" young people’s brains, distort their views of sexual behavior, and even contribute to dating violence. Now, educators are trying to find ways to teach kids how to think critically about porn to help them foster healthier relationships.

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CBSN Originals presents "Speaking Frankly: Raising Boys"

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Now that the #MeToo movement has brought conversations about toxic masculinity and sexual consent to the forefront of public discourse, parents are grappling with how to encourage their sons to reject some of the more traditional notions of manhood. But many say they struggle with reinforcing those values in a society that still largely adheres to deeply-rooted stereotypes. It raises the question: How do we raise our boys?

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Netflix leads with most Golden Globe nominations

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The 2020 Gold Globe nominations were announced early Monday in 25 categories spanning TV and film. Netflix received 17 nominations, the most of any competitor this year. The ceremony will be held January 5, 2020. CBS News' Michelle Medina reports on CBSN LA.


Some migrant children detained for months in jail-like facilities

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Some migrant children are being detained for months in "secure" facilities similar to those where teens accused of serious crimes are held, a new study for Congress finds. CBS News reporter Graham Kates joins CBSN to discuss the quality of care for unaccompanied migrant kids in U.S. government custody.


Raising boys as society redefines masculinity

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Fifty-four percent of Americans believe boys are easier to raise than girls, and polling shows we've felt that way since the 1940s. A new CBSN Originals documentary, "Raising Boys," explores the challenges that come with parenting boys today as society's idea of masculinity changes. CBSN Originals executive producer Adam Yamaguchi joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the “Speaking Frankly” series.


Rapper "Juice WRLD" has died at age 21

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Chicago-area rapper Juice WRLD, whose real name is Jarad A. Higgins, died Sunday after a "medical emergency'' at Midway International Airport. CBSN Los Angeles reports.


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