Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky on return from March for Life rally

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A wrong-way driver died Saturday after slamming into a bus carrying Covington Catholic High School students home from the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., according to reports.


Pope appoints Latino as new archbishop of Philadelphia

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Pope Francis on Thursday appointed Nelson Perez, the current Roman Catholic bishop of Cleveland, Ohio, to be the new archbishop of Philadelphia, the latest Latino to head a major U.S. archdiocese.


Supreme Court agrees to hear case involving religious freedom in Obamacare dispute over birth control

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The Little Sisters of the Poor, an order of Roman Catholic nuns, fought the contraceptive requirement since it was first imposed.

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Two popes — one retired, one reigning — cause a furor

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VATICAN CITY - Ever since Benedict XVI announced he would become the first pope in 600 years to resign, Catholic theologians, canon lawyers and others warned of the potential confusion in having two popes living side by side in the Vatican, one reigning, the other retired but calling himself “emeritus pope” and still wearing the white cassock of the papacy. Their worst fears came true this week. In a saga befitting the Oscar-nominated movie “The Two Popes,” Benedict co-wrote a book reaffirming the “necessity” of a celibate priesthood. There was nothing novel with his position, but the book is coming out at the same time Pope Francis is weighing whether to ordain married men in the...

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One pope, two popes, hot pope, new pope: TV's papal obsession continues on HBO

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Much like many of HBO’s successful shows, the Catholic Church is less the subject of the series and more a backdrop for political intrigue.

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World View: Philippines volcano begins to spew lava and more

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In World View, a volcano in the Philippines has begun to spew lava, Taiwan's leader wins a landslide re-election, and Pope Benedict has broken his silence on Catholic priest celibacy. Cindy Pom joins CBSN AM with the world round up.


Victims of paedophile priest face attacker in court for first time

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The victims of a paedophile priest at the heart of the biggest scandal to hit the Catholic church will face their attacker in a French court. Bernard Preynat, 74, who has been defrocked, is believed to have sexually abused scores of boys over a 30-year period, many of them while they attended catechism classes or Boy Scout camps he ran. Even after he admitted he was “sick” and had a problem with children, he was allowed to...

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Pope Benedict breaks silence to reaffirm priest celibacy

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Benedict’s intervention comes as Pope Francis is weighing whether to allow married men to be ordained to address a Catholic priest shortage.

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Former Pope Benedict breaks silence on celibacy debate after synod

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Former Pope Benedict, in a new book written with a conservative cardinal, defends priestly celibacy in the Catholic Church in what appears to be a strategically timed appeal to Pope Francis to not change the rules.



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