Friday, 05 March 2021
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Researchers discover how to control zinc in plants: Could help the world's malnourished

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Over 2 billion people worldwide are malnourished due to zinc deficiency. Researchers show how plants sense zinc and biologists use this knowledge to enhance plant zinc uptake, leading to an increase in seed zinc content by 50 percent. The new knowledge might one day be applied towards the cultivation of more nutritious crops.

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It's Up to Democrats in Congress to Secure Voting Rights

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The Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Arizona's voter restrictions. If Congress doesn't act, more Republican states will push disenfranchisement, especially of minorities, to the legal limit.

Avi Loeb interview: Could ‘Oumuamua be alien technology after all?

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Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb has drawn criticism for suggesting a weird object passing through the solar system could be an alien spacecraft. But he insists we must keep an open mind when nature throws us a curveball

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When Justice Stephen Breyer rules (on retirement), the White House might know first

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A Democratic president has not filled a Supreme Court vacancy in more than a decade, so liberals are anticipating the possible retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, who has served for a quarter century and understands the advantage of the new Democratic-led Senate.

Their complaints against Chauvin were dropped. Now they wonder: Could he have been stopped?

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Multiple people who had run-ins with Chauvin before the deadly encounter have accused him of using excessive force.

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Why Cancel Culture May Only Make Racism Worse

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Could cancel culture actually stunt our society's strides towards better race relations? This already seems to be happening.

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Paris Hilton Recalls Feeling "Violated Every Single Day" in Testimony Against Utah Boarding School

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Paris Hilton, Court Appearance Utah 2021UPDATE: The Utah legislature has passed a bill that will prevent the abuse of children in state's congregate care facilities, a measure Paris Hilton publicly advocated. In a statement...

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The Unfinished Business of Bush v. Gore

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Over 20 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Bush v. Gore. By a 7-2 majority, the court thought that Florida's vote-counting standards didn't satisfy the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause. (The decision to end the vote counting, with George W. Bush in the lead in Florida, was issued by a narrower 5-4 majority).

ICC prosecutor to launch formal investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories

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The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced plans for a formal investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in the Palestinian territories, prompting an angry response from Israeli leaders.

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PSG striker Kean tests positive for coronavirus

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Paris Saint-Germain striker Moise Kean has tested positive for coronavirus.  The 21-year-old will miss Wednesday's Ligue 1 clash with Bordeaux and is likely to be unavailable for Saturday's Coupe de France visit to Brest.  Kean could also be a doubt for the second leg of the Champions League last-16 tie with Barcelona, which takes place next [...]

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