Sunday, 15 September 2019
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Reeling from Dorian, Bahamas faces another storm

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Officials temporarily suspended aid efforts and closed some small airports in the Bahamas on Saturday as Tropical Storm Humberto threatened to lash the archipelago's northwest region that was already hit by Hurricane Dorian two weeks ago. (Sept. 14)

1,300 people are listed as missing nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas

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The number of missing in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian has dropped significantly, to 1,300, providing a bit of rare good news in one of the nastiest storms the archipelago has ever faced.


They came to enjoy paradise. Now, they're helping their Bahamian neighbors recover from Dorian's wrath

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Since Hurricane Dorian tore a path near the exclusive Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club, patrons of the vast resort community -- itself devastated by the storm -- have harnessed considerable resources to rush help to nearby neighborhoods left in splinters.


'They were fighting for water to bathe. Water to drink.' Evacuees describe devastation in Bahamas after Dorian

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Some Hurricane Dorian survivors evacuated to the United States from the Bahamas are arriving with little more than their harrowing stories of the storm, the devastation of its aftermath, and the desperation of those left behind.

Tropical storm Humberto gets closer to the area devastated by a hurricane in northwestern Bahamas

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Humberto is now a tropical storm barreling its way through the Atlantic and threatening the same northwestern Bahamas islands ravaged by Hurricane Dorian nearly two weeks ago.

Tropical cyclone bears down on Bahamas, U.N. pledges aid

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A tropical cyclone carrying heavy rain and strong winds neared the already devastated Bahamas on Friday, threatening to complicate Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts as the U.N. secretary-general arrived in the islands in a show of support.


Bahamians look for loved ones as 1,300 missing

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People in the northern Bahamas are using a variety of ways to search for family and friends, amid alarming reports that 1,300 people remain listed as missing nearly two weeks after Hurricane Dorian hit. (Sept. 13)


Hurricane Dorian victims reunite with their beloved pets weeks after storm

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Amid the devastation in the Bahamas left behind by Hurricane Dorian – the dozens of lives lost and the hundreds of homes swept away -- there is another growing concern: Dozen of emaciated and sick pets roaming the island with no place to go.


A tropical storm is likely to form soon near the Bahamas islands that Dorian ravaged

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A storm system is poised to hit the same northern Bahamian islands that Hurricane Dorian ravaged earlier this month -- and it may be a tropical storm when it does so.

Tropical storm nears northern Bahamas, complicating Dorian relief

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The leading edge of a potential tropical storm brought rain and wind to the Bahamas early Friday, complicating the search for 1,300 people missing in the wake of the worst hurricane to ever hit the island nation and efforts to bring relief to survivors.


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