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Apophis, massive 'god of chaos' asteroid, hasn't doomed Earth... yet.

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Asteroid 99942 is no threat to Earth but will zoom close enough to be spotted with telescopes and radar.

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Adam Levine Reveals the Early 2000s Pop Rocker He's Already Introduced to His 4-Year-Old Daughter

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Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo, Dusty RoseAdam Levine has no qualms about admitting he's nostalgic for the pop-flavored rock that dominated airwaves back in the 2000s. In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe on...

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Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow on Earth

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Satellite observations show that more than half of seasonal freshwater level changes on Earth happen in human-managed reservoirs, underscoring the profound impact humanity has on the global water cycle.

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Failure Is an Option: Musk and the Early Days of SpaceX

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A new space age began in, of all places, a car on the Long Island expressway. Barely pushing 28 years old, Elon Musk had just departed PayPal with little notion of what he would do next. Driving through the drab urban sprawl of a New York highway, Musk told his former coworker he wanted to go to space.

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Astrophysicist's 2004 theory confirmed: Why the Sun's composition varies

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An astrophysicist theorized why the chemical composition of the Sun's tenuous outermost layer differs from that lower down. His theory has recently been validated by combined observations of the Sun's magnetic waves from the Earth and from space.

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Imaging space debris in high resolution

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Researchers have introduced a new method for taking high-resolution images of fast-moving and rotating objects in space, such as satellites or debris in low Earth orbit. They created an imaging process that first utilizes a novel algorithm to estimate the speed and angle at which an object in space is rotating, then applies those estimates to develop a high-resolution picture of the target.

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Stressed-out young oysters may grow less meat on their shells

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Early exposure to tough conditions -- particularly warmer waters and nightly swings of low oxygen -- could leave lasting scars on oysters' ability to grow meaty tissue.

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An Earth-like planet might orbit our closest single sun-like star

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Tau Ceti is a star just 12 light years away – and it could host a planet called PXP-4 that sits as close to the star as Earth does to our sun with its year about as long as ours

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China’s Chang’e 5 mission has returned samples from the moon to Earth

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The Chang’e 5 spacecraft, which spent just two days on the moon, has returned its lunar samples to Earth – the first moon rocks brought back in 44 years

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Earth’s early atmosphere may have been toxic like the one on Venus

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After the moon formed, Earth was probably left with an ocean of molten rock, which may have given the planet a thick atmosphere full of carbon dioxide like the one on Venus

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