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In His Showdown With Iran, Trump Blinks

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President Trump must have something in his eye, because he keeps blinking. He blinked in June when Iran allegedly attacked oil tankers in international waters and shot down a U.S. drone. Trump ordered airstrikes in retaliation and then called them off. He claimed he was worried about all of the Iranians who could get killed. But does anyone imagine Trump is a born-again humanitarian? The truth is he simply lost his nerve - as President Barack Obama did when he decided against airstrikes on Syria. In Trump's case, his reversal came after Tucker Carlson said a war with Iran wouldn't be popular...

Barr praised 2017 book that claims colleges unfairly penalized male students accused of sexual assault

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Before he was nominated attorney general, Barr also accused the Obama administration of "fanning the false narrative of a 'rape culture.'"

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Trump's Cabinet has included more ex-lobbyists than Obama or Bush

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President Trump claimed he would drain the swamp, but it's unclear what he meant by that


Why Obama Could Be Trump's Reelection Role Model

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Back on July 1, 2011, I wrote a piece headlined "Obama 2012: Never Underestimate the Power of Incumbency."

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2020 Daily Trail Markers: How Biden got ready for fight night

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Biden campaign senior officials said the former VP has a "target on his back" and is prepared to fend off attacks on President Obama and his legacy


Opinion: Trump's trade war with China will be worth the fight

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For years, and through multiple presidential administrations — Clinton, Bush and Obama — the United States has naively looked the other way while China cheated its way to an unfair advantage in the international trade market. It took a long time to get to this point, and it's not going to turn around overnight. But with President Donald Trump's long-term approach to trade policy, the United States is in a good position to make up for the misguided policies of the past, which resulted in millions of lost jobs and thousands of shuttered factories.

Warren's Strategy Worked for Obama in 2008

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Elizabeth Warren is imploring Democrats to choose inspiration over caution-just as an insurgent Illinois senator did against Hillary Clinton in 2007.

Trophy hunter who paid $400K to kill rhino allowed to import remains by Trump admin

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The Trump administration has issued two permits to import black rhinos. The Obama administration issued three starting in 2013.

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Ex-Obama aide Greg Craig acquitted in Mueller-related investigation

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Greg Craig was the only Democratic appointee charged as a result of the Mueller inquiry.

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Ex-Obama counsel acquitted in case tied to Mueller probe

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The trial focused on the multi-million-dollar project Craig and his then-law firm did for Ukraine in 2012.

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