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Concerns over health effects of vaping - and rising use among teens

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Researchers say young people who use e-cigarettes are six times more likely as those who have never vaped to later begin smoking


Researchers alter mouse gut microbiomes by feeding good bacteria their preferred fibers

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Humans choose food based on the way it looks, smells, and tastes. But the microbes in our guts use a different classification system -- one that is based on the molecular components that make up different fibers. Investigators found particular components of dietary fiber that encourage growth and metabolic action of beneficial microbes in the mouse gut.

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Physicists discover topological behavior of electrons in 3D magnetic material

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Researchers explored a type of material in which the electrons behave according to the mathematical rules of topology. They found topological behaviors of electrons in a three-dimensional magnetic material at room temperature, opening new avenues of future study.

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Researchers relate neuropsychological tests with real-life activity in multiple sclerosis

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To best serve the clinical needs of individuals with MS, neuropsychological testing needs to be viewed in larger context comprising non-cognitive variables, such as motor ability and demographic values, fatigue and depression, and disease activity and level of disability, as well as person-specific factors such as personality and coping styles.

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Big cities breed partners in crime

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Researchers have long known that bigger cities disproportionately generate more crime. Now a new study explains why: It's easier for criminals to find collaborators.

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Researchers investigate key component in bacteria

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A protective protein that detects newly-made incomplete protein chains in higher cells is found to have a relative in bacteria. There, the protein also plays a central role in quality control which ensures that defective proteins are degraded. The functional mechanism of these Rqc2 proteins must therefore have already existed several billion years ago in the so-called last universal common ancestor. Scientists have experimentally investigated the bacterial Rqc2 relative's function.

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