Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Trump administration resolves fentanyl dispute but congressional support needed for broader crackdown

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The Trump administration has resolved an internal dispute over how to handle new variants of fentanyl that it believes can beef up the fight against the deadly synthetic painkiller without hindering research to ease the opioid crisis, according to a draft agreement seen by Reuters.


The Truth Behind the Biggest 2020 Grammy Snubs

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Grammy Snubs, Tyler the Creator, Taylor Swift, Maren MorrisTaylor Swift wasn't ignored, but is this any way to treat a Lover? Though the 2020 Grammy Award nominations presented an inspiring array of industry veterans and newcomers--Ariana...

The Trump impeachment trial tells a bittersweet story of American dreams

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It’s noon on a cold, clear day when US president Donald Trump’s impeachment legal team pulls up to a Senate entrance in black SUVs. They drive blithely to a private doorway past a gaggle of chanting protestors from states near and far bearing signs condemning their client and demanding a full, fair trial. The president’s lawyers, behind literal and figurative tinted windows, have little to fear from these people—or so they believe. The trial promises to be a short, bittersweet affair. The racial dynamics between American women are flipped in a disorienting photo series Impeachment trial. Protestors demand senators see all the evidence. Calling for all of the evidence. Senate majority leader...

Trump admin plans to expand restrictive border policies

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"The Trump administration is clearly attempting to scale up its crackdown on asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border," an immigration expert told CBS News.


In California: Landlords shutting people out, defying state law

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Renters with Section 8 vouchers get abused. The Trump administration threatens to withhold money if the state continues requiring health care plans to provide abortions. And even as state lawmakers want them out, one private prison company thrives.


Trump administration says California can't require insurers to cover abortion

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The Trump administration said on Friday that California cannot require health insurers to cover abortions and threatened to cut some federal healthcare funds unless it pulls that requirement.


Lizzo: 'My music is for everybody'

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The Truth Hurts hitmaker has been targeted by critics who claim she's alienating black audiences with her music.


Soft-on-Crime Liberals Are Ruining America's Greatest Cities

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The Trump administration has made extraordinary strides in reducing violent crime in America. Democrats across the country seem intent on turning back that progress.

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