Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea

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Even though the deeper layers of the ocean are warming at a slower pace than the surface, animals living in the deep ocean are more exposed to climate warming and will face increasing challenges to maintain their preferred thermal habitats in the future.

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Quantum interface of an electron and a nuclear ensemble

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Coherent excitation of an ensemble of quantum objects underpins quantum many-body phenomena and offers the opportunity to realize a memory that stores quantum information. Thus far, a deterministic and coherent interface between a spin qubit and such an ensemble has remained elusive. In this study, we first used an electron to cool the mesoscopic nuclear spin ensemble of a semiconductor quantum dot to the nuclear sideband-resolved regime. We then implemented an all-optical approach to access individual quantized electronic-nuclear spin transitions. Lastly, we performed coherent optical rotations of a single collective nuclear spin excitation—a spin wave. These results constitute the building blocks of a dedicated local memory per quantum-dot spin qubit and promise a solid-state platform for quantum-state engineering of isolated many-body systems.

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Latino college graduates worry about their futures in a pandemic economy

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"Their careers and how they do over the long term will have financial and economic implications for the country," says Pew Research's Mark Hugo Lopez.

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Coronavirus cure: When will we have a drug to treat it?

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There are no drugs proven to help doctors treat the disease, but work is under way around the world.

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Coronavirus live updates: Nevada casinos to reopen June 4; Los Angeles opens largest US testing site; US deaths near 100K

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There are more than 5.5 million confirmed cases around the globe, with nearly 1.7 million in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.


We Can't Keep These 25 Secrets About Casper Hidden Any Longer

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Casper, Christina Ricci"Can I keep you?" 25 years later, that line still gives us all the feels. 25 years ago today, Casper was released, with the film inspired by the Casper the Friendly Ghost comics...

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Top adviser to U.K. prime minister refuses to resign after breaking own lockdown rules

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There are growing calls in Britain for Dominic Cummings, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's top adviser, to resign after he apparently broke the country's lockdown restrictions to drive from London to his parents' home in northeastern England in March. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer joins CBSN with the latest developments.

Dropping Flynn Charges Implicates Whole Justice System

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There was an easy way for President Donald Trump to make the case against Michael Flynn go away.

State of the art: How museums are preparing to open amid coronavirus crisis

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Spoiler: There will be more "Do Not Touch" signs.

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Zambian jailed gay couple pardoned in presidential amnesty

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Their 15-year sentence triggered a diplomatic row resulting in the recalling of the US ambassador.

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