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Two firefighters went missing Friday on a fishing trip. Their search remains ongoing

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The U.S. Coast Guard, along with over a dozen other vessels, are continuing to search for two missing boaters last seen at Port Canaveral on Friday

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Pores for thought: Ion channel study beckons first whole-brain simulation

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Voltage-gated ion channels at the surface of neurons and muscle cells control your every thought, movement; the very beating of your heart. For the first time, researchers have mapped the behavior of the largest family of these channels. Their pioneering work will power virtual drug discovery -- and, they hope, the first whole-brain simulation.

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Why the Women of Friends Seem to Say "I'll Be There for You" Much More Than the Men

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Friends, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlancThere's something to be said for the way sudden fame bonds you with the people experiencing it alongside you. Nothing can prepare you for the ways in which life changes when you go,...

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Kim Kardashian Says She'd Do "Anything" for Paris Hilton: "She Literally Gave Me a Career"

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Kim Kardashian West, Paris HiltonThere is no schedule too demanding for Kim Kardashian! "God, I'm so tired," she huffs in this preview clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians' upcoming 17th season,...

No-deal Brexit is class war. It’s time to take back control and defeat Johnson and Rees-Mogg

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There was always talk of division in our house. Some of it was literal. Whether Everton or Liverpool would win the old “First Division”. Some of it was actual. Mum was an Evertonian and dad a Liverpudlian – a “mixed marriage” as my grandad would say. I remember thinking “I hate you, mum” because her team had beaten mine in the FA Cup in 1967. This was when I used to stand alongside dad on the Kop. Before Everton signed me up and showed me the light. We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view. From 15p €0.18 $0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras. Subscribe now Obviously, I didn’t really hate my mum. I just felt like she had got it wrong. I had a similar...

Portland rally met with police presence in anticipation of violence

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There was a massive police presence in Portland in anticipation of what could be a violent confrontation on Saturday. Several far-right groups held a rally while members of Antifa, a left-wing group opposed to fascism, circled nearby. President Trump tweeted that he was keeping a close eye on the demonstrations, and said he considered naming Antifa an organization of terror. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.


Trump Is Trying to Rewrite Our Founding Principles

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There have been two competing definitions of American identity since the foundation of this nation, and that tension is felt to this day, writes Daniel Fried. One was based on the Declaration of Independence's assertion that

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Migrant Children Separated From Their Families At Border Claim Abuse In US Foster Care

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A joint report from the Associated Press and Frontline said dozens of families separated under the Trump administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy are preparing to sue the government after children were allegedly molested and traumatized in government-funded shelters and foster homes on Friday. The AP obtained a review of 38 legal claims which detail how the government could end up paying more than $200 million in damages to parents who say their children were harmed while in federal custody. Dozens of families are preparing to participate in the lawsuit after their children were sexually, physically, or emotionally abused in federally funded foster care after being forcibly...

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The fight to save the northern white rhino

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The birth of any new member of an endangered species is a cause for celebration. But the arrival of a baby rhino in San Diego has implications not just for his own kind, but also for an even rarer breed. There are only two northern white rhinos left in the world -- but a baby southern white rhino is giving renewed hope for their survival. John Blackstone reports.


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