Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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U.S. accused of turning its back on Kurds after Trump pulls troops from Syria

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Turkey has begun its attack against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. This comes after President Trump announced the removal of U.S. troops along the border between Syria and Turkey. Robert Ford, former U.S. ambassador to Syria, joined CBSN to discuss the U.S. relationship with the Kurds.

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Turkey launches strikes against Kurdish fighters in airspace controlled by U.S.

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Turkey's president has announced the start of an invasion as Kurdish forces move to defend the Turkish-Syrian border. The Kurds have been essential allies in the U.S. fight against ISIS, but President Trump announced he'd be abandoning them, breaking an American promise and pulling out of the region to allow Turkey to attack. CBS News correspondent Natalie Brand reports on the latest, and CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joined CBSN to discuss the military offensive.

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Turkish and Kurdish forces clash despite ceasefire

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In Syria, Kurdish forces are accusing Turkey of failing to abide by the terms of the U.S.-brokered ceasefire. Its leaders are calling on Vice President Mike Pence to take responsibility for its enforcement. It comes as Russian leaders reportedly huddled in Syria to discuss de-escalating tensions in the region. Holly Williams reports.

Experts say ISIS and Russia could benefit from Syria onslaught

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Michael Morell, the former CIA deputy director and CBS News senior national security contributor, and William Burns, the former deputy secretary of state, break down the latest developments between Turkey and Syria.

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Deal between Turkey and Russia puts offensive in Syria on hold

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As the U.S. watched from the sidelines, Russia's Vladimir Putin emerged as the key power player in Syria, reaching an agreement for a new ceasefire with the president of Turkey. That will give Russia time to oversee the removal of Kurdish militias. Holly Williams reports.

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Russian troops moving into areas once controlled by US-backed Kurds

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Iraq's defense minister said U.S. troops that were pulled out of Syria will leave Iraq in four weeks. That seems to contradict Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who has said those U.S. forces will continue operating against ISIS. Russia and Turkey made a deal Tuesday, without the U.S., to take control of northeastern Syria and force out Kurdish fighters that fought alongside U.S. troops. Holly Williams reports.

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Special Report: President Trump addresses situation in Syria

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President Trump made a statement Wednesday about the situation in northern Syria, saying the ceasefire would become permanent and U.S. sanctions against Turkey would be lifted. Watch the full CBS News Special Report.

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Trump lifts Turkey sanctions as Russia calls the shots in Syria ceasefire

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A Russian news agency says Kurdish forces have started leaving northern Syria, with Russian troops moving to enforce a ceasefire along the Turkish border. President Trump has lifted sanctions against Turkey as a reward for making a deal with Russia to stop the fighting. Paula Reid reports.

Protesters in Green Zone attempt to storm U.S. embassy in Baghdad

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The U.S. embassy in Baghdad came under seige as thousands of anti-American protesters forced their way through the heavily fortified Green Zone. The protests are in response to U.S. air strikes that killed more than two dozen pro-Iran fighters this past weekend. CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams joined CBSN AM from Turkey to discuss the situation.

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The Dish: Mason Hereford on the success of Turkey and the Wolf

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Mason Hereford, chef and owner of Turkey and the Wolf sandwich shop in New Orleans, was nominated for his first James Beard Award on Monday. Jamie Wax speaks to the chef about his story, and how he has rewritten the rules of the modern dining experience with his eye-popping and satisfying culinary creations.

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