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As Amazon burns, Brazil’s Bolsonaro tells rest of world not to interfere

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BRASILIA/SAO PAULO: Amid growing international criticism over the wildfires raging through the Amazon, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday admitted farmers could be illegally setting the rainforest ablaze but told foreign powers not to interfere. French President Emmanuel Macron and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres both took to Twitter to express concern about the fires that have reached a record number this year, devastating vast swathes of forest considered a vital bulwark against climate change. Bolsonaro responded angrily to what he regarded as meddling. “These countries that send money here, they don’t send it out of charity. ... They send it with the aim...

UN Says Myanmar Military's Sexual Violence Targeting Rohingya Showed 'Genocidal Intent'

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United Nations investigators released a report on Thursday which said sexual violence committed by Myanmar troops against Rohingya women and girls in 2017 showed signs of genocidal intent to eradicate the Muslim ethnic minority from the country, according to The Canberra Times. The UN Human Rights Council established the panel of independent investigators to explore the allegations in 2017 but finally released their report which accused Myanmar's civilian government of failing to hold anyone in the military accountable. It also said the government was responsible “under the Genocide Convention for its failure to investigate and punish acts of genocide.”“Hundreds of Rohingya women and girls...

Myanmar troops' sexual violence against Rohingya shows 'genocidal intent': U.N. report

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Sexual violence committed by Myanmar troops against Rohingya women and girls in 2017 was an indication of the military's genocidal intent to destroy the mainly Muslim ethnic minority, United Nations investigators concluded in a report released on Thursday.


UN-believable: Investors swindled out of $280k over ‘United Nations HQ moving to China’ scam

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A gaggle of audacious con artists has been arrested in China for swindling investors out of US$283,000, claiming they were the construction company behind the ambitious (but fake) relocation of the UN headquarters to Xi’an. The squad of scammers were caught trying to dupe investors into believing the UN was relocating its headquarters from New York to...

Thousands of Central American migrants take free rides home courtesy of U.S. government

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More than 2,000 Central American migrants seeking to settle in the United States have given up and accepted free rides home under a 10-month-old program funded by the U.S. government and run by a United Nations agency, according to a U.N. official.

Myanmar/Bangladesh: Halt Rohingya Returns

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The Myanmar and Bangladesh governments should suspend plans to repatriate Rohingya refugees until returns are safe, voluntary, and dignified, Human Rights Watch said today. With new repatriations set to start on August 22, 2019, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camps protested that they will face the same violence and oppression in Myanmar that they fled. Myanmar authorities have verified 3,454 people for an initial round of returns from a list of 22,000 submitted by Bangladesh authorities. The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, and Bangladesh authorities said they are seeking to confirm that these refugees wish to return. “Myanmar has yet to address the systematic persecution and violence...

Sri Lanka names war veteran as army chief, U.S., U.N. critical of decision

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Sri Lanka's President on Monday named war veteran Shavendra Silva as its army chief, drawing sharp criticism from the United States and the United Nations over the appointment of an officer who has been accused of serious human rights violations.

Iran urged to free women held over veil protests

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GENEVA - A group of UN human rights experts on Friday called for the immediate release of three Iranian women given long jail terms for protesting laws compelling women to wear veils. The trio were charged after a video posted online showed them handing out flowers on Tehran's metro on March 8, International Women's Day, according to a statement co-signed by five United Nations special rapporteurs and another expert. The...

UN Security Council has its first meeting on Kashmir in decades -- and fails to agree on a statement

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The year was 1971. The Vietnam War raged, The Doors' frontman Jim Morrison died in Paris, and the cost of a movie ticket in the United States was $1.50. That was also the last time the United Nations Security Council officially listed the tinderbox known as Kashmir as a topic of discussion.

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