Friday, 05 March 2021
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Tiger Woods told police after crash that he didn't remember driving

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When Tiger Woods crashed his car in Southern California last week, he told sheriff's deputies that he had no recollection of driving or how the accident happened, according to a Los Angeles County affidavit for a search warrant of the vehicle's black box.

COVAX offers hope of vaccine equality with roll out across Africa

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When Covid-19 vaccinations arrived in Kenya for the very first time this week, the country's health minister likened them to critical weapons of defense.

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A new education secretary has been sworn in. What are the next steps for reopening schools?

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The Senate confirmed Miguel Cardona as education secretary on Monday, jump-starting the Biden administration's long journey toward reopening schools across the country.

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George Floyd's brutal death sparked a racial justice reckoning. One officer involved goes on trial this month. What you should know.

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The trial of Derek Chauvin, former police officer charged in George Floyd's death, starts March 8 in Minneapolis. Here's what to know.

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6 Key Things to Consider When Bringing a Product to Market

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The vast majority of new products fail, but yours doesn't have to. Here are the necessary steps to plan and prepare before launching.

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Shamed for body hair growing up, Desi women now challenging racist standards

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When white models and influencers decided thick eyebrows were in, South Asian women struggled to recover the natural features they had been shamed into thinning. Now, they’re undoing the internalized shame they've felt about their body hair for years.

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Building an International Brand: What to Centralize, and What to Localize

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As you build your startup, what do you keep local and where do you go global?


NY Times Peru N-Word, Part Two: What Happened Jan. 28?

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At 11:17 A.M. on January 28, I got an email from the Daily Beast. It was from Lachlan Cartwright, and said: Hi Donald, The Daily Beast is preparing to publish a story about you, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to comment.

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When Justice Stephen Breyer rules (on retirement), the White House might know first

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A Democratic president has not filled a Supreme Court vacancy in more than a decade, so liberals are anticipating the possible retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, who has served for a quarter century and understands the advantage of the new Democratic-led Senate.

What are these beavers doing on the River Otter?

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Beavers have been extinct in England for 400 years. Now they're back and proving a useful ally against the effects of the climate and biodiversity crises.

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