Friday, 21 January 2022
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January 6 committee to ask Ivanka Trump to talk with them

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Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot, told reporters on Thursday that the panel will be inviting former President Donald Trump's daughter and then-White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump to talk to the committee, a major step for the panel closing in on the former President's inner circle.

Tale of Two Senators--AZ's Kelly Opts for Early Retirement

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Despite being characterized as a "purple" state, Arizona has two blue - meaning, Democratic - senators, Krysten Sinema and Mark Kelly. Yet other than common party affiliation, the difference between them could not be more striking.

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Biden's Disastrous First Year Drives Voters Into GOP Arms

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"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to [foul] things up," cautioned Barack Obama during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign. It's a warning the nation should have heeded. Even Obama must be surprised by President Biden's disastrous first year in office, which has been characterized by a war on small businesses, promises made and promises broken, and lies about COVID, the economy, and voting.

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One year in, Biden confronts the limits of his power

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Democratic euphoria has faded as the president's ambitious goals have run headlong into the harsh realities of a 50-50 Senate, GOP opposition and a conservative Supreme Court.

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Rep. Henry Cuellar says he'll 'cooperate with any' probe amid reports of FBI raid at Texas home

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A Democratic House member said he will "fully cooperate in any investigation" amid reports that the FBI raided his Texas home Wednesday. Rep.

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Biden Leaves Dems Hanging as Midterms Hit Full Swing

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President Joe Biden spotted Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney on the White House campus last June and called out to the House Democratic campaign chair loudly enough for several others to hear:

The Nazi Next Door

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Your Democratic neighbors won't be ordered to vote for laws that ostracize you from society, steal your property, or send you away to a concentration camp. They will do it burning with pride.

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Analysis: Why a top GOP recruit didn't want any part of the Senate

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Back in the fall, despite favorable political winds for their party and a heavy courtship, Senate Republicans were unable to convince New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu to jump into the race against Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan, one of their top 2022 targets.

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Pennsylvania's Redistricting Is Marked by Hyper-Partisanship

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In December, a Democratic activist group led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder filed a lawsuit over congressional redistricting in Pennsylvania, where the state House voted on a proposed map last week. The National Redistricting Action Fund argues that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and the Republican-majority legislature are at an "impasse," and therefore that the state Supreme Court should apportion the state's 17 congressional districts.

Varney: How on earth do the Democrats bring their warring factions together?

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FOX Business' Stuart Varney details the trouble spilling out of the Democratic Party and Biden's 'disastrous' first year in office.

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