Sunday, 25 July 2021
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Supreme Court Raised Bar for Challenge to GA Election Law

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The Supreme Court's recent decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee has prompted extensive commentary about the implications for future challenges to election laws under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Litigants arguing that some laws, such as Georgia's newly enacted SB 202, disproportionately affect racial minorities may have a greater challenge meeting the standard set forth by the court than the standard that some lower courts had been using in recent years.But while the justices split on a 6-3 vote on whether a pair of Arizona statutes ran afoul of the Act, it voted 6-0...

Transit money emerges as a last major obstacle to Senate infrastructure deal

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Democrats want more cash for public transit, while Republicans want to spend it on highways. One Democratic aide said there are other lingering issues.

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'This is way beyond collaborative': Young leaders see their feedback reflected in Biden's plans

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When Joe Biden campaigned for the presidency, he called himself a bridge to a new generation of leaders in the Democratic Party. While some frustrations remain, young leaders are saying the President Biden's administration is making good progress on Candidate Biden's pledge.

White House Plays New COVID Cases Close to Its Vest

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The Texas Democratic lawmakers who hurriedly fled the state last week to deny their Republican colleagues a quorum and thereby stall a voting reform bill, forgot to pack their masks. They were not wearing them when they smiled for a selfie on a chartered flight to the nation's capital. Their faces were not covered when they met with Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington either.

The Huge Democratic Bet On "Bricks and Butter"

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The spending proposals that Senate Democrats plan to begin advancing this week amount to a massive gamble that the party can simultaneously advance two of its longest-standing economic goals without generating a political backlash or overheating the economy.

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Running Against the Democratic Dystopia

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Running against the Democratic dystopia should be an easy campaign for the GOP. Vote them all out.

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Attacks on Critical Race Theory Reopen Old Wounds

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Part of what's so insidious about the conservative assault on critical race theory is how it exploits a deep-seated rift in the Democratic coalition, one that's been apparent since the advent of the back-to-the-city movement in the 1980s and 1990s. That divide has never been fully resolved - and it needs to be soon.

Sixth member of Texas Democratic delegation tests positive for Covid

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The delegation fled en masse to Washington on July 12 to at least temporarily stop Texas voting legislation.

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Mask Is Off for Fugitive Dems

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It's hard not to laugh at the fugitive Texas Democrats, now that five of them have been struck with COVID. Of course, the right thing to do is to wish them good health. But they must never lecture anyone about masks after posting selfies - from their chartered private jet, no less - in which not one of them was wearing a mask. Don't CDC guidelines say you have to wear masks on planes? Not for Democratic lawmakers. It's always one rule for them and a different rule for the peasants.

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What Inflation Does & What to Do About It

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Joe Biden seems determined to repeat all the inflationary mistakes of his Democratic predecessor Jimmy Carter.

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