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So-called junk DNA plays critical role in mammalian development

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Despite the prevalent view that some 98% of our genome is junk DNA, new research shows that one piece of junk DNA -- the promoter of a virus-based transposon -- plays a critical role in cell proliferation and timing of embryo implantation in mice. The group found virus-based promoters linked to genes involved in development in other mammals, including humans, suggesting that transposons have been broadly repurposed for important regulatory roles.

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Is the Supply Chain Catastrophe Joe Biden's Fault?

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Despite what conservatives say, Joe Biden is not trying to ruin the holiday shopping season.

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NASA Just Broke the 'Venus Curse': Here's What It Took

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Despite the best efforts of scientists eager to study Earth’s sister world, U.S. efforts to send a dedicated spacecraft to Venus languished—until NASA made a surprising announcement


Viewpoint: Why Ethiopia's Tigray region is starving, but no famine declared

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Despite mass starvation in northern Ethiopia, aid officials are not calling the situation a famine.

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Pakistani airline suspends Afghanistan flights due to Taliban 'heavy-handedness'

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• Analysis: Despite soothing words, the Taliban are much as they were • Air Force account of US withdrawal from Afghanistan details chaotic scenes at Kabul's airport

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African women hit by vaccine hesitancy

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Despite rampant concerns about pregnancy and fertility, there's no evidence that vaccines affect a woman's chances of getting pregnant


Despite soothing words, the Taliban are much as they were

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The Taliban are the most unlikely of populists: brutal, myopic, the epitome of intolerance.

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NFL has no plans to release more details from Washington Football Team investigation

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Despite calls to disclose the full results of the independent investigation into the Washington Football Team's workplace culture, National Football League spokesperson Brian McCarthy told CNN on Wednesday that more details will not be released due to the confidentiality element of the investigation.

Mortgage refis are slowing. Here’s why

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Despite officials' expectations of weakening in refinance activity, mortgage applications actually increased 0.2% on a seasonally adjusted basis from one week earlier, a mortgage applications survey reported.

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