Wednesday, 19 May 2021
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Inspired by nature, the research to develop a new load-bearing material

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Engineers have developed a new material that mimics human cartilage - the body's shock absorbing and lubrication system, and it could herald the development of a new generation of lightweight bearings.


Electromagnetic levitation whips nanomaterials into shape

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To deliver reliable mechanical and electric properties, nanomaterials must have consistent, predictable shapes and surfaces, as well as scalable production techniques. Engineers are solving this problem by vaporizing metals within a magnetic field to direct the reassembly of metal atoms into predictable shapes.

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Researchers develop magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversion

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Engineers have proposed a satellite-aided drought monitoring method that can adequately represent the complex drought conditions into a single integrated drought index.

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Stimulators could aid spinal cord, heart therapies

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Engineers develop a new version of their wireless implant that allows for multiple stimulators to be programmed and magnetically powered from a single transmitter outside the body. The implants could be used to treat spinal cord injuries or as pacemakers.

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Microalgae biofuels: Changing carbohydrates into lipids

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Engineers have developed a technique to repartition carbon resources from carbohydrates to lipids in microalgae. It is hoped that this method can be applied to biofuel production.

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