Monday, 06 December 2021
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The rise and ignominious fall of CNN star Chris Cuomo

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Every day the network doesn't outright fire Cuomo, it loses more trust — and its decline hurts everyone in the industry.

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Pan Am: The trailblazing airline that changed international travel

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Every Friday evening, travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt mixes a drink in a vintage airline cocktail glass and shares a toast on Twitter to a long-gone carrier.

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Mariah Carey proves she's the undisputed queen of Christmas

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Every year, we can pretty much count on Mariah Carey to remind us that Christmas season actually kicks off the day after Halloween.

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Think turkey tryptophan makes you sleepy? Think again

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Every Thanksgiving, myths of the quasi-magical powers of tryptophan rise again.

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Every Entrepreneur Needs These 4 Qualities to Succeed

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Is launching your own business right for you? Here's how to tell.

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Focus: The Jersey Boys’ musical in New York!

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Every new musical arrives like an energetic tide on Broadway. A new style of musicals erases all previous cultural and racial stereotypes. Now, musicals on Broadway have everything needed for a proper show: insane dynamics, fast plot changes, as well as special effects and decorations. It all looks like a modern blockbuster, but only with live on stage in front of you.

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The Year Campus Free Speech Groups Started Fighting Back

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Every day, it seems, there is another story about a speaker being cancelled or a professor being fired over something said or written. The forces against free speech and academic freedom are strong and seem to be getting stronger. But in 2021 things began to change.

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This island has an overpass for migrating crabs. See how it works

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Every year, millions of red crabs on Australia's Christmas Island migrate to the ocean during their mating season. The crabs crawl up special bridges that were built to help them cross roads safely.

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Samsung Early Access Event at Sam’s Club - $0.00

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Sam's club offers Samsung Early Access Event at Sam's Club and get over $3,000 in savings! ...

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How New Zealand's All Blacks handle 'huge public expectation'

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Every sports team has an expectation to succeed, but few do like the All Blacks.

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