Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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Hurricane Ida leaves Louisiana's $2.4 billon seafood industry in shambles

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In August, Hurricane Ida capsized dozens of fishing boats and wiped out many seafood farms.


DOJ Memory Holes Andrew McCabe Wrongdoing

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Andrew McCabe was the number-two man at the FBI during the years disgraced former Director James Comey was in charge. He was a critical part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation targeting the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. He took part in the FBI's misrepresentations to a secret foreign surveillance court when it wrongly wiretapped former campaign aide Carter Page. And he was found, by the Justice Department's own inspector general, to have lied repeatedly to investigators looking into his leaks to the media during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. For that, then-Attorney...

Hurricane Pamela flood threats taper off as storms develop across Mississippi, Ohio Valleys

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The flood threat from Hurricane Pamela’s remnants will taper off from the Southern Plains toward the Mississippi River Valley. 


Moisture from Hurricane Pamela brings flooding threats, wet weather to Texas, Oklahoma

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Hurricane Pamela made landfall along the west coast of Mexico and will continue to weaken.   


From Katrina to Ida: How US presidents react to climate change and natural disasters

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Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, US presidents have realised the impact of their reactions to extreme weather.

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Colder weather forecast in regions across US as Hurricane Pamela brings flooding threats

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The severe storms that brought large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes across the Central Plains will start to wind down on Wednesday.  


Hurricane Ida: Caskets, vaults displaced in Louisiana

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Hurricane Ida swept through Louisiana with furious winds that ripped roofs off buildings and storm surge so powerful it moved homes. What it wrought on the living it also wrought on the dead, moving vaults and caskets and adding another layer of trauma for families and communities recovering from the powerful storm.


Covid Vaccine Mandates: A Look at Jacobson v. Massachusetts

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Every now and again, an otherwise arcane legal topic suddenly becomes relevant to contemporary political debate. At that point, general commentary suddenly becomes filled with newly minted experts with strong positions on what is typically a nuanced issue. Thus, at various points during the past decade, Twitter saw a flood of hitherto undisclosed connoisseurs on the intricacies of the Logan Act, a constitutionally problematic piece of legislation that emerged from the same 18th century administration that brought us the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria,...

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Caskets, vaults still displaced in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida

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“They float. They tend to go wherever the water goes. We’ve recovered them from yards, from levees, from underneath stairwells," an official said.

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Louisiana recovering the dead after Hurricane Ida

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Louisiana is working to recover the caskets and vaults swept away in Hurricane Ida's flooding. (Oct. 12)


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