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Scientists ID sterol essential for oil accumulation in plants

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Scientists seeking to unravel the details of how plants produce and accumulate oil have identified a new essential component of the assembly line. They discovered a particular sterol -- a molecule related to cholesterol -- that plays a key role in the formation of oil droplets. The findings may suggest new ways to engineer the oil content of a variety of plant tissues for potential applications in bioenergy, chemical engineering, and nutrition.

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New machine learning method to analyze complex scientific data of proteins

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Scientists have developed a method using machine learning to better analyze data from a powerful scientific tool: nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). One way NMR data can be used is to understand proteins and chemical reactions in the human body. NMR is closely related to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for medical diagnosis.

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Mice’s learning skills help researchers pinpointing brain areas where acquired knowledge is stored

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Is it a Rembrandt or a Vermeer? For lay people, it is often challenging to distinguish paintings by these two old masters. For the trained eye of an expert, on the other hand, it is not difficult at all. Scientists have now demonstrated that mice can also become experts in sorting images into categories. The study shows that part of the category knowledge is already present in early visual areas, highlighting how widespread such semantic memories are stored throughout the brain.

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Scientists find a key to hepatitis C entry into cells

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Scientists describe the structure of a key protein on the surface of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and how it interacts with its receptor found on some human cells. The findings provide new leads for developing an HCV vaccine.

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Scientists identify new therapeutic target in ovarian cancer subtype with poor prognosis

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Mutations in the ARID1A gene are present in more than 50% of ovarian clear cell carcinomas (OCCC), for which effective treatments are lacking. Scientists discovered that loss of ARID1A function enhances a cellular stress response pathway that promotes survival of cancer cells, which become sensitive to pharmacological inhibition of this pathway.

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Japanese Knotweed extract could cut cancer risk of processed meat

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Scientists have developed processed red meat that includes added natural substitutes which reduces the carcinogenic compound nitrite added to preserve meats. The range of sausages and hams had a mixture of plants and fruits added to them which included rosemary, green tea, and resveratrol -- an extract taken from Japanese Knotweed.

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Scientists create artificial cells that mimic living cells’ ability to capture, process, and expel material

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Researchers have developed artificial cell-like structures using inorganic matter that autonomously ingest, process, and push out material -- recreating an essential function of living cells. Their article provides a blueprint for creating 'cell mimics,' with potential applications ranging from drug delivery to environmental science.


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