Thursday, 23 September 2021
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San Jose State University agrees to pay $1.6M to students who alleged sexual assault by trainer, Justice Department says

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San Jose State University will pay a total of about $1.6 million to some of the female students and student-athletes who alleged they were sexually assaulted or harassed by a campus athletic trainer over more than a decade, the US Department of Justice said Tuesday.

Katie Ledecky moving training base to University of Florida with eye on future Olympics

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Katie Ledecky, the most decorated female swimmer in history, will train with coach Anthony Nesty and other world-class swimmers in Florida.


San Jose State University to pay $1.6M over sexual harassment, assault of athletes

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A former trainer allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted female student-athletes, and the university failed to respond to reports that started in 2009.

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She helped integrate higher education in the South. And her classmates wanted her dead.

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Charlayne Hunter-Gault's fight to integrate higher education at the University of Georgia helped propel the civil rights movement.


Attempt to integrate the University of Georgia in 1961 was met by an angry mob

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When Charlayne Hunter enrolled at the all-white University of Georgia in 1961, a crowd formed outside her dorm, pelting her room with bricks and bottles.


Microbial plant bioprocessing – what can we learn from the cow?

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The most significant sources of organic waste in South Africa is sugarcane bagasse (5.35 million metric tonnes), invasive plants (11.30 million metric tonnes) and fruit wastes (1.3 billion metric tonnes). Microbiologists from Stellenbosch University are investigation the use of mammalian rumen in the anaerobic digestive process to break down or separate organic waste into its original building blocks, from where it can subsequently be converted into various high-value products -- just as a cow does with processing the tough plant material into the basic building blocks upon which the production of milk is based.

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Modern simulations could improve MRIs

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Rice University engineers improve simulations that analyze gadolinium-based contrast agents used in clinical magnetic resonance imaging. More efficient simulations could help make better compounds for imaging technologies.

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'Universities Are Turning Into Ideology Mills'

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Peter Boghossian was assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University until he felt forced to resign last week. His resignation letter went viral - it was a righteous blast against the growing intolerance on his campus.

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Police make arrest in 2012 murder of college student at North Carolina

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Chapel Hill (N.C.) police charged Miguel Enrique Olivares in the 2012 homicide of 19-year-old University of North Carolina student Faith Hedgepeth.


Could a reboot make social media a nicer place?

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A Harvard University project will explore whether social media can be de-toxed

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